Creating a Blog Website = Big Job!

Capture.PNGHave you ever wondered what it takes to get a blog going on a new website? Let’s just say it’s like an explosion of 10,000 tasks. Take a peek at this list and you’ll see why it’s taken a while to get mine off the ground:

The Many Steps to Getting a Blog Site Off the Ground:

  1. Choose a blog name, but before you fall in love with the name…
  2. Find out if a internet domain is available by going to a site like It’s very possible that the name you want is taken or it’s ludicrously expensive. (Tip: pick something that’s not common but easy to remember)
  3. Purchase the domain and get hosting for it.
  4. Decide on the CMS you want to use—Wordpress is a great choice, for instance—and install it on your server, or have someone install it for you. (Lots of web hosts, like Dreamhost, offer “1-click-installs” of at least one type of CMS  to make it fast and easy to get started.)
  5. After your CMS is set up, you’ll need to pick out a theme or make your own with a website builder. Welcome to the pit of time-suck and indecision! There are countless themes available, and if you’re lucky you’ll find one that works for free or a reasonable price. If you opt for building your own, you’ll soon discover the endless tinkering involved when you do it yourself. Either way, settling on a template will eat days or even weeks of your life!
  6. When you have a theme in place, you’ll have to set it up and figure out what you want for your content and how to present it. Be prepared for template issues to come up.
  7. Do you have pictures you want to display? Will they all be in a special gallery section or do you want to include one or more on posts or pages? This means you’ll need to figure out a gallery system and how it works.
  8. When you finally get everything how you want it to be, FINALLY you will be able to begin your actual blog!

As you can see, it’s a long process from that idyllic dream of, “Gee, wouldn’t it be cool to have my own blog?” to actually posting on your own blog! 🙂 As I type this blog entry, I am still trying to get my theme to work properly, and I am having issues with my galleries too. It’s been a bumpy but interesting ride and I hope that I will have things nailed down soon so I can relax and enjoy my new blog home, Super Moto Photo!