Slow But Sure

Slow But Sure

My website is progressing slow but sure, just like this snail I photographed a few years ago.


I’m happy to report that this website is slowly coming together! The theme I chose still needs a bit of tweaking before I’ll be satisfied, but it’s pretty close. My experience working through various problems with the theme’s tech support has been very slow and sometimes useless to me. However, I’m slowly making progress getting everything the way I want it. I’ve never purchased a theme before and so far the jury is out on whether or not it was the best choice.

I’m beginning to question the wisdom behind using large images on my main page. I’ve made them as small as I can but the load time isn’t fast enough and that’s a huge no-no. At this point I’m not going to do anything about it since I’m not ready to officially share this site with the world, but when I get closer, I’ll get very critical about it. Once I have the content done for my launch, I may look at some themes that aren’t so graphically demanding.

This website is a bit different in my opinion because it’s a mixture of travel entries and an ongoing blog. That being said, I want to post the trips we’ve taken with day-by-day write-ups featuring a few pictures, as well as a larger gallery of images that show all the pictures from each day. It’s a big job but it’s fun…it just takes time.

I’ve been thinking about when I should open the doors to this website. My plan has been to finish all of my travel entries up to this point along with the photography, but that will to take quite a while—at least a couple of months. Does it really matter whether or not my past travels are all posted yet? This website is meant to be a hub for upcoming adventures and a place to put my writing and photography. It will be the same for Steve as well when he’s at that point. Do I really need to have it tied up with a fancy bow before I announce it? That’s something to think about. Maybe I should consider what would be an acceptable minimum. I think an earlier, unfinished launch makes sense, the more I think about it. Hmmm….