The Simple Trick to Tackling Huge Projects

The Simple Trick to Tackling Huge Projects: This is an image of a turtle hatchling facing a huge challenge

Just like this baby sea turtle, who’s making its way from where it hatched high on a sandy beach, it will take a journey of many thousand steps before it reaches its goal–the safety of the ocean.

From a mountain to a molehill: Reduce big projects to bite-sized pieces

Do huge projects stop you in your tracks? Let me guess: you have the desire but you never get started because it seems completely impossible so why begin in the first place? Or perhaps you actually start a big project, only to give up after a few days in defeat?

I used to feel the same way! I know how discouraging it is to fail over and over again on goals you want so badly to achieve. But now I’m not afraid of these behemoths because I know how to handle them. You can learn this skill too!

All you have to do is break a monstrous project into a bunch of little parts that you actually CAN handle. Do one of these every day or whatever is reasonable for you, and after a while, you will begin to see progress. This progress will fuel your fire and give you confidence. You’ll start to see that you’re actually getting somewhere!

Day after day you’ll get closer to accomplishing that seemingly impossible goal, and you’ll begin to get another feeling. It’s the feeling that you’re actually in control of this monster. You are making it happen, and as you continue chipping away at every little step along the way, you’ll gain a sense of pride and accomplishment that will put you on top of the world! At this point there will be no stopping you because completing your project is now inevitable! That final day will arrive. And you know what will surprise you? It will feel like any other day to you, except that tomorrow, you won’t be working towards a goal anymore! You’re THERE!!


My monster project

The Simple Trick to Tackling Huge Projects: This is an image from my enormous website project

Silver pine “skeleton” rising towering over a group of conifers. Taken from the back of our motorcycle near Alturas, California.

This website is my current behemoth. It’s a huge project, and yet, it doesn’t scare me or make me feel intimidated. I’ll be honest though—there are many points along the way when I need to stop and think about how best to proceed. Sometimes the answer isn’t right there, but I know it will eventually arrive…and it always does. 🙂

So far I’ve accomplished many steps of my project:

  • Website name
  • Get my site hosted
  • Find a theme for my website
  • Apply the theme to my website and tweak as time goes by to perfect the look
  • Decide on the website architecture
  • Build the structure
  • Create all of the foundation content <—- the Behemoth
  • Begin writing blogs on a regular basis (lol, trying to do this! It will be easy once my website is live but for now, it’s challenging to fit in! :D)

Creating the content is the most time-consuming, but it’s also the heart of my site. It’s more than just writing. This site is all about photography, travel writing and blogging too, so I have my hands very full of content to develop. It’s coming along though, and just like I mentioned above, with each passing day, my confidence is blooming!

The Simple Trick to Tackling Huge Projects: This is an image from my enormous website project

This was one of the pictures I took near Fort Bragg as I rode behind Steve on our motorcycle.

My first huge mile-stone was finishing the travelogue of the first day of our Sea to Sierras trip. What a job! All of the hours of writing, photography to process, uploading, organizing, and I still have to add captions to all of the dozens of pictures. And keep in mind—that’s just the first day of our five-day trip!! Although it’s been a lot of work, it’s great fun too, and this travel photography/blog site is something I’ve always wanted to do.

Day two is nearly complete now too, it only needs about an hour of writing to go before it’s finished! Hooray!I (I still have dozens of pictures to process though, lots of really neat images to share!)

Though I would love to go faster, things get in the way, like work! But day by day I’m inching closer to announcing my website! I’m excited though patient. It’s a process and I’ll get there. It’s just going to take time. I’ll just keep turtling on! 🙂