We’re Going on a Trip to Provence, France!! Post #1

Usually referred to as Provence but also described as “Provence-Alps-French Riviera”, this region ranges from blue seas to snowy peaks and everything inbetween!

At long-last, Steve and I are finally going on an overseas vacation for the first time in about 15 years! We’re planning on going for a couple of weeks at the end of April…yahoo!!

How do you choose where to go when you want to see the whole world? Put a blindfold on, spin three times and stick a pin in a map? Compare bucket lists? Or, what about a retirement scouting trip? We thought that sounded like a great idea. Nothing serious, but just a look around at a possible destination. We discovered that the Provence area of France is a highly regarded, and that gave us a direction to aim for. Soon we found a really good deal for about $1400 for our tickets. This doesn’t include flying from our home in Medford to the flight in San Francisco, nor does that include room, board, travel expenses or auto rental, but it’s a start!

My Goals for this Travel Series…

  1. Entertain and educate myself with a creative outlet to write about our developing trip. I’d like to detail my adventures in learning more about Provence and France in general, where we’d like to go and how, fun destinations, important considerations and more. I like the idea of writing about what I learn to keep the information straight in my head. It’s also a fun way to get ready!
  2. Help others by sharing our developing plan from start to finish. This way, anyone who’s confused about the process can see it from our perspective.

Provence #2