Provence #2: How Best To Explore the Area?

The lovely beach of Nice

We will be flying into Nice, and from there, all around the Provence region. We’ll have about 13 days in-country, which should give us plenty of time to look around and enjoy ourselves!

We originally planned to drive in a sort of loop around the area, stopping here and there along the way. However, we think now that a better plan will be to stay in 3-4 strategically located places from which to base day-trips. We are still figuring out which towns will be best as our hubs.

To learn more, Wikipedia is a natural place to start, and right off the bat I learned that Marseilles is the capital and largest city of the Provence region. The whole area was ruled by Rome since antiquity and as such, there are countless archaeological marvels to see wherever we go, including the Nimes coliseum in even better condition than the Rome Colosseum!

Provence #3: Gathering Information